Top 7 Common Myths about university life

Top 7 Common Myths about university life

Life in the university is the best time, where you will experience many ups and downs. Some Common myths are always there in mind before you start your first year. Based on what you watched on television and listened to from your friends, you may have imagined a completely different picture of the university.

So is that all true what you listened to? here in this article, we are going to discuss some common myths about university life. Let’s get started.

1. University is only for Rich People

common myths university is for rich people

University may be expensive, but it does not mean you cannot afford it. Universities provide scholarships to help you cover your tuition fees and other expenses.

Also, you can apply for a student loan and you can receive more help from your university if your household income is less. University offers financial assistance in form of scholarships, grants, and loans. You can also lookout for a part-time job available in your university to deal with your finances.

Some of the universities also offer monthly payments. It is better to reach out to the university website and contact them to get details on different financial help available. They will surely provide you with the best option that may fit your budget.

2. You will be too homesick

Being homesick is common among a lot of people who get away from home for the first time. But, you should not be sad about it as it is ok to be a little bit homesick.

Homesick is the feeling of loneliness that can arise when you are alone. You should try to get yourself busy, to avoid any thought of homesickness.

Get in touch with your family on call, make some new friends, and talk to them to avoid the feeling of homesickness. You can also check out our article on how to deal with homesickness.

3. You will find best friends during Fresher’s week

common myths best friends

During Fresher’s week, you will get the opportunity to interact with many people. You may hope to make best friends during this time. It is really to have someone with whom you can discuss things, share problems, shopping e.t.c.

But, don’t get took quick while making decisions, as you may end up making friends with nothing in common. It is essential to stay calm and spend some time to know the people around you. If you make friends from your class then that can help you in academics too.

Fresher’s week is just start, along the way you will get to know more people. Over time your friend list will keep changing and you will surely get best friends. So, don’t stress out about making best friends at fresher’s week.

4. Carry all your stuff at start of university

Being excited to go to university, we pack almost everything. But guess what you may end up packing much unnecessary stuff.

It is always suggested to keep your baggage to the minimum to make your journey comfortable. It is really important to decide what to take and what to leave.

There are many things that you can prefer purchasing after reaching your University. You may not want to leave any important document or essentials that may be more important than your other stuff.

Still confused with packing, you can check the university checklist for the freshers to help you with your decision.

5. First year of university doesn’t count

student relaxing

You may probably listen a lot that ‘first year does not count’.

Well, It is not true at all. If you listen to these words, you may end up having to relax and getting low grades. Always remember everything starts with a foundation, you have to find the balance between studies and other activities.

Try to keep your concept clear from the start, as it will help you understand upcoming topics more clearly. Even, if you were bad in your studies before coming to university, you can try there to be the best.

University is all about experiencing new change, so why not try to build your confidence and set an example. If you get good grades at the start, you will definitely start to get better in the coming years.

6. You have to work too hard

In this, I can say it is a little bit true, but not that much. It all goes by your ability to learn and understand the concepts, if you are interested in learning something then no one can stop you.

If I say by my experience, when I started as a freshman, it took some time for me to understand concepts. But, as time passed I started to understand everything in lecture only. So, after my class hours, I used to use my time in learning and experimenting with something out of course.

If you start focusing from start, you don’t have to invest that much time to get good grades. You can use your free time to watch movies with your friends or playing games.

7. It is really hard to get a job

common myths hard to get jobs

You may have heard people saying that it is very hard to get a job after graduation. Everyone has their own reasons for saying so and it is one of the most common myths. It all depends on how well you are prepared for the job position you want to work in.

Being good in studies can not compensate you with getting a better job. You have to brush up your skills and get proper knowledge in the field of your interest.

You should do some certification and some projects related to your field. You can also go for an internship, as this may increase your chance of getting placed in good companies. These things will make you stand out in job interviews.

At last, your resume plays an important role, when it comes to applying for a job. Normally getting good grades is only considered as cut off for your interview. Include your certification, internships, and projects in your resume to make it look more promising.


There are many myths about University, I have tried to discuss some of the common myths. University is the one-time opportunity you get in your life. You should always try to make the best out of it. Hope you liked this article, please provide your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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