How to deal with homesickness

Student life: How to deal with homesickness

Starting your new Journey in the University and leaving your home town for that may lead to both excitement and homesickness. Moving away from home to start a new journey in a new place is a big transition in life.

There are lot of memories with your families which you may miss once you get far from them.

A new environment among new people in different places can lead to homesickness. But let me tell you, it is completely normal to be homesick. It almost happens with everyone who is getting away from their families.

To help you out with this issue, I have gathered some best tips that will help you to deal with homesickness. So let us get started to make yourself comfortable.

Give your homesickness some time

Feeling homesick

As you got separated from your familiar environment, you may feel homesick. But it ok to be homesick for some time. Not everyone is immune to this situation.

It may take some to get familiar with major life changes like this, but it is for good and will help you in future.

Give yourself some time to get rid of this feeling.

Make your new place a second home

The main factor that can lead to homesickness is the feeling of loneliness. If you want to come out of this feeling, it is better to have someone to talk to.

Staying in the college hostel with other students can remove that loneliness. Shared accommodation provides a home-like comfort once you get connected with your roommates.

You can also decorate your place to give it a home like feeling.

Keep yourself busy

Student reading book

Homesickness doesn’t come only from missing home but from missing memories and a sense of security that you used to have in your home with your family. This feeling is at its peak if your mind is completely blank as you start thinking of every moment you spent with your family. So, you should always try to engage yourself in some activities to avoid the feeling of loneliness.

Create a new routine for yourself and start following it strictly. Whenever you feel homesick, you can do the following things to make yourself busy and relaxed.

  • Reading some novels
  • Exercise daily
  • Listen to music
  • Watch movie

Keep in touch with family

Getting on a call with family and friends always help to come out of the feeling of homesickness. Take out some time from your daily routine to talk to your family.

However, talking too much with them can make you feel the distance too. So, it is better to keep your talk to present. Never get into the conversation talking about your past or experience you had when you were at home.

Holidays will be always there for you to get close to your families again. Always remember you are at university to learn something and be something. Don’t lose your focus and stay on your path to success.

Make new friends


College campus can make you feel more lonely if you know anyone there. At the start, you can get to know other students at your hostel and start communicating with them.

In your classroom, you can make new friends by jumping into a group conversation. Get into group study with your friends. It is always good to have a friend in a similar field.

Friends don’t only help you avoid loneliness, but they also help you in hard times.

Get to know about your surrounding

Get up and explore your surrounding, visit the university library, cultural club, sports grounds. Getting familiar with the surrounding always helps in relieving stress and feeling of loneliness.

Join any club at your university and participate in different activities.

Set your foot out of university and go for a small nearby tour with your friends. It will help you create new memories and will help you learn about the place.

You are in the university till the time you complete your degree, so make fair use of it and get to know your surroundings.

Stay away from Social media

Away from Social media

As we all know social media work as a collection of past memories. Going through social accounts may harm more when it comes to homesickness. It does not mean you need to stay away from it forever.

In many cases, the Phase of Homesickness almost gets over within one month of joining the university. As time passes you get busy with your college routine and studies.

Once you get back to your normal life then you can make some good use of social media by making new friends or joining college groups.

Stop Making rash Decisions

Never make a decision that you may regret later. Sometimes we make rash decisions when we get depressed.

It happens with many people, they are not able to control homesickness and give up. Giving is not the solution to anything, you have to keep trying.

Wait for the time until you feel better. Always make decision when your mind is free from any burden.


It is always better to keep one thing clear in mind you not going to be in university forever. You will get holidays and you can get to meet your parents again in intervals. So, why think too much about it.

Always keep your mind clear. Set a goal and stay focused on it. Here in this article, I have tried my best to provide you with tips to help you deal with your homesickness. Hope it would be helpful for you, please provide you important feedback in the comment section below.

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